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We’re proud to announce that Clarity has launched for iOS and Android. Relax, reduce stress, improve focus and sharpen your awareness with our guided exercises.

Use one of the links below to get started:

Download on Google Play  Download on iTunes

With our initial release you can:

  • Listen to guided meditation audio sessions
  • Get realtime feedback on your mental levels of Relaxation and Focus over each session (requires brainwave sensing headset, available here)
  • Track your mood before and after each session
  • Add a journal entry for each session
  • View your past session results via the “My Journal” view
  • Track your weekly practice with the “My Practice” view
  • View how your levels of relaxation and focus are trending via the “My Activity” view
  • Share your session results with friends

After providing hundreds of demo sessions across the country, we’re proud to share the potential of Clarity with everyone. We welcome you to contact us with your feedback – it’s what fuels us as we work to create the best way to cultivate mindfulness!

P.S. – Want to advance Clarity’s development? Support the cause and pre order Clarity Pro.

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