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December 2014


Mindfulness Feature by Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes Tonight!

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Mindfulness continues to become more mainstream as more and more people are finding help with anxiety, depression and stress reduction. CBS’s 60 Minutes will feature a segment on mindfulness in tonight’s prime time airing. Anderson Cooper documents his experience with taking a mindfulness course and interviews some mindfulness leaders including John Kabat-Zinn, Chade-Meng Tan and Congressman Tim Ryan. He even straps into an EEG (electro machine to see how his thoughts affect his brain activity. [Update: Video segment embedded below]

Here are some teasers for the episode that 60 Minutes has posted:

Congressman Tim Ryan is featured and one can’t help but think of mindfulness and congressional gridlock. But mindfulness can help improve the nationwide discourse we have on a number of contentious issues.

Anderson Cooper puts on an EEG (electroencephalogram) cap to see how his brainwaves change in response to his thoughts. (Note: you can see your brain in action with Clarity)

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We’re excited to see more awareness come to the space, and hope people find a way to try mindfulness for themselves. More updates after the show airs tonight!

[Update] The segment is up online. View the part that aired and extra segments on the 60 Minutes website.


Important Changes Are Coming to Clarity

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Clarity users should be aware of our latest update, which was emailed to our active users. The copy is included below:

This is an important update on Clarity. There will be some substantial changes coming to the product (good news) and you should know about it in advance. This email explains why the change is happening, and a follow up email will explain what exactly is changing.

Some have asked why Clarity is free. We have two reasons for this. First, in the spirit of spreading mindfulness, we believe there should always be a free offering. Second, we have been in an open beta period, and needed a diversity of testers for the app. We are now ending the open beta period, which means the launch of Clarity Pro is coming soon.

Because we believe it is antithetical to mindfulness, we refuse to place advertisements inside of Clarity. As a matter of respect, we refuse to sell your data. So with your paid support with Clarity Pro, we can continue to improve and expand on the most complete mindfulness meditation system.

We will send more details with the exact changes as we near the launch of Clarity Pro. Those who have preordered (thanks!) will receive additional communication on how to enable their purchase.

A few other notes:

  • I’m proud to reach this personal milestone: we’ve recorded over 1,000 brainwave sessions! It is a small step on the longer journey of spreading mindfulness and broadening brain research.
  • We are collaborating with a number of organizations to add new features to keep Clarity the most complete mindfulness meditation system. We are always looking for more partners – if that’s you, be in touch!

As always, feel free to respond to this email directly to give feedback.

Stay Mindful,


You can always contact us if you have any questions.