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People across the world are meditating and tracking their brainwaves with Clarity, our mindfulness system. With Clarity, users wear a portable brainwave sensing headset while listening to guided meditations through our mobile apps. In this post we are exposing some insider data into how people are using Clarity, and hope that it inspires you in your meditation practice. This Clarity user activity is for the week starting 12/29/2014:

The One Metric

Clarity users can see their meditation practice activity in a number of views.

Weekly Completed Sessions per Active User: 2.3 sessions (Goal: 4)

We aim for Clarity users to meditate as often as possible. At ThreePound, we like to have only one metric to improve to allow for focus. The metric chosen is sessions completed per active user. An active user is someone who completed at least one meditation session in the past 2 weeks (and joined earlier than 1 week ago). By optimizing on this metric, our goal is to find people who are excited about Clarity and give them more of what they want (and then go find more people like them!). As we work on improving the product experience, our aim is to identify new aspects of the user experience to improve our average weekly sessions. If you are a Clarity user, you can always contact us to provide your feedback!

How are people using Clarity?

Average Session Length: 470 seconds

The lessons included in Clarity range from 3 to 22 minutes. With our timer mode, users are able to set any time from 1-30 minutes of silence with brainwave tracking. Because the included lessons vary in length, our one true metric is focused on meditation sittings. We believe it is better to meditate for 10 minutes per day 5 days a week than to sit for 50 minutes one day per week. Note: We exclude any sessions under 60 seconds in this measurement and all others.

Brainwave Data – What are Clarity Minds Like?


Clarity users wear a headset like this while meditating to get real time brainwave feedback and tracking.

So you’ve completed your Clarity session and see your brainwave results. How do they compare to others? In general, you should know that an elevated sense of relaxation or focus is over 60%, and a high sense of relaxation or focus is over 80%. But because we know you want to see how you stack up to other Clarity users, here are the average results:

Average Relaxation: 60.7%

Average Focus: 50.0%

So it seems the average Clarity user can relax by meditating. Mindfulness meditation is tricky in that these values will vary based on the type of meditation. Clarity contains meditations that use various techniques, including: focus on the breath, visualizations of settings and other people, and open awareness. These are all mixed together for now for simplicity.

Even though we are able to track your brainwave activity, we cannot stress enough that we believe that the power is in practicing mindfulness. These numbers do not define you or your practice, and should only be used for educational purposes.


We hope this helps you gain a little more insight into how others practice meditation through Clarity. Take some time to think about your personal meditation practice, and think about where you’d like it be. If you want a meditation experience that includes daily reminders, brainwave tracking, journaling and mood tracking, get started with Clarity today! Note: Time constraints might prevent this from being posted weekly, especially with any contextual commentary.

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