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April 2015

Exhale, The Mindfulness Game in Pocket Clarity

Introducing Exhale: The Mindfulness Game in Pocket Clarity

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We’ve just made finding moments for mindfulness easier than ever.

Exhale, our new mindfulness game, asks you to focus on the breath for just 8 seconds. That’s it.

After the round ends, we ask if you were able to keep your focus. If you did, we gradually increase the length of the next round. If not, we slightly reduce the length of the next round.

Your response, truthful or not, decides what happens next. There are no high scores, no bragging rights. This is about you and your development.

Exhale is free for all Pocket Clarity users. Check out our video above that explains the game, then open Pocket Clarity to try it out! (If you don’t see Exhale right away, go to “Menu > Settings > Refresh Pocket Clarity” within Pocket Clarity)

We’re excited to see all the additional mindfulness practice that will happen because of Exhale. We’re committed to helping you develop your practice in ways that fit your life so you can be the more skilled, more centered person you want to be!