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Exhale, The Mindfulness Game in Pocket Clarity

Introducing Exhale: The Mindfulness Game in Pocket Clarity

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We’ve just made finding moments for mindfulness easier than ever.

Exhale, our new mindfulness game, asks you to focus on the breath for just 8 seconds. That’s it.

After the round ends, we ask if you were able to keep your focus. If you did, we gradually increase the length of the next round. If not, we slightly reduce the length of the next round.

Your response, truthful or not, decides what happens next. There are no high scores, no bragging rights. This is about you and your development.

Exhale is free for all Pocket Clarity users. Check out our video above that explains the game, then open Pocket Clarity to try it out! (If you don’t see Exhale right away, go to “Menu > Settings > Refresh Pocket Clarity” within Pocket Clarity)

We’re excited to see all the additional mindfulness practice that will happen because of Exhale. We’re committed to helping you develop your practice in ways that fit your life so you can be the more skilled, more centered person you want to be!


Your Brain on Meditation: Clarity Report #1

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People across the world are meditating and tracking their brainwaves with Clarity, our mindfulness system. With Clarity, users wear a portable brainwave sensing headset while listening to guided meditations through our mobile apps. In this post we are exposing some insider data into how people are using Clarity, and hope that it inspires you in your meditation practice. This Clarity user activity is for the week starting 12/29/2014:

The One Metric

Clarity users can see their meditation practice activity in a number of views.

Weekly Completed Sessions per Active User: 2.3 sessions (Goal: 4)

We aim for Clarity users to meditate as often as possible. At ThreePound, we like to have only one metric to improve to allow for focus. The metric chosen is sessions completed per active user. An active user is someone who completed at least one meditation session in the past 2 weeks (and joined earlier than 1 week ago). By optimizing on this metric, our goal is to find people who are excited about Clarity and give them more of what they want (and then go find more people like them!). As we work on improving the product experience, our aim is to identify new aspects of the user experience to improve our average weekly sessions. If you are a Clarity user, you can always contact us to provide your feedback!

How are people using Clarity?

Average Session Length: 470 seconds

The lessons included in Clarity range from 3 to 22 minutes. With our timer mode, users are able to set any time from 1-30 minutes of silence with brainwave tracking. Because the included lessons vary in length, our one true metric is focused on meditation sittings. We believe it is better to meditate for 10 minutes per day 5 days a week than to sit for 50 minutes one day per week. Note: We exclude any sessions under 60 seconds in this measurement and all others.

Brainwave Data – What are Clarity Minds Like?


Clarity users wear a headset like this while meditating to get real time brainwave feedback and tracking.

So you’ve completed your Clarity session and see your brainwave results. How do they compare to others? In general, you should know that an elevated sense of relaxation or focus is over 60%, and a high sense of relaxation or focus is over 80%. But because we know you want to see how you stack up to other Clarity users, here are the average results:

Average Relaxation: 60.7%

Average Focus: 50.0%

So it seems the average Clarity user can relax by meditating. Mindfulness meditation is tricky in that these values will vary based on the type of meditation. Clarity contains meditations that use various techniques, including: focus on the breath, visualizations of settings and other people, and open awareness. These are all mixed together for now for simplicity.

Even though we are able to track your brainwave activity, we cannot stress enough that we believe that the power is in practicing mindfulness. These numbers do not define you or your practice, and should only be used for educational purposes.


We hope this helps you gain a little more insight into how others practice meditation through Clarity. Take some time to think about your personal meditation practice, and think about where you’d like it be. If you want a meditation experience that includes daily reminders, brainwave tracking, journaling and mood tracking, get started with Clarity today! Note: Time constraints might prevent this from being posted weekly, especially with any contextual commentary.

Download Clarity for iOS and Android Today

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Important Changes Are Coming to Clarity

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Clarity users should be aware of our latest update, which was emailed to our active users. The copy is included below:

This is an important update on Clarity. There will be some substantial changes coming to the product (good news) and you should know about it in advance. This email explains why the change is happening, and a follow up email will explain what exactly is changing.

Some have asked why Clarity is free. We have two reasons for this. First, in the spirit of spreading mindfulness, we believe there should always be a free offering. Second, we have been in an open beta period, and needed a diversity of testers for the app. We are now ending the open beta period, which means the launch of Clarity Pro is coming soon.

Because we believe it is antithetical to mindfulness, we refuse to place advertisements inside of Clarity. As a matter of respect, we refuse to sell your data. So with your paid support with Clarity Pro, we can continue to improve and expand on the most complete mindfulness meditation system.

We will send more details with the exact changes as we near the launch of Clarity Pro. Those who have preordered (thanks!) will receive additional communication on how to enable their purchase.

A few other notes:

  • I’m proud to reach this personal milestone: we’ve recorded over 1,000 brainwave sessions! It is a small step on the longer journey of spreading mindfulness and broadening brain research.
  • We are collaborating with a number of organizations to add new features to keep Clarity the most complete mindfulness meditation system. We are always looking for more partners – if that’s you, be in touch!

As always, feel free to respond to this email directly to give feedback.

Stay Mindful,


You can always contact us if you have any questions.

NG2014 Clarity Demo

Hundreds of Demo Sessions Later, Clarity Pro Pre Orders Are Now Available

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Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to do live demos of Clarity while talking about the brain, mindfulness, and technology. Some of the highlight events include the mHealth Summit, the LAUNCH Festival, UCSD Center for Mindfulness Annual Conference, and the NeuroGaming Conference.1 In this wide range of populations – health professionals, tech early adopters, school teachers, neuroscientists – I’ve found a common thread – people are excited about the potential of new technology to gain more insight into our brains and our selves.

The field is very new – providing consumer priced EEG (brainwave sensing) solutions was not accessible until a few years ago. Consumer comfort in wearables beyond the medical context has only started to grow significantly in the past few years, and the Google Glass backlash shows it is not completely there.2 There is a lot we need to learn – we including product developers, academic researchers, clinicians, and the general population. It will be an exciting ride, and I look forward to sharing more details about the work being done at ThreePound and elsewhere that help improve lives and advance science.

So click the button in the header to pre order the Pro version of Clarity, and go to the Headset Showcase to purchase your brainwave sensing headset. I look forward to you joining me on this adventure into our brains, and our selves.


1. I’m grateful to these conferences and others for supporting ThreePound in a number of ways. Special thanks are due to Startup Health, the LAUNCH team, Steve Hickman and NeuroSky.

2. I specify “non medical wearables” because hearing aids, among other wearable health products, have been around for a long time.

P.S. Look below for some photos of some of the conferences. It’s clear you can achieve clarity anywhere!

MBSR Three Pound Clarity Word Cloud

Why Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction?

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Some have wondered why we’re focused on pairing brainwave reading headsets with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). With the high level of pressure placed on “living in the moment” and “looking inside oneself” people mistakenly associate mindfulness as a fly-by-night, new age fad. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re excited about mindfulness for a number of reasons, and you should be too: Read More