How are you handling stress?

Millions are turning to meditation and mental training exercises to help find focus, reduce stress, and improve well being.
Pocket Clarity is a mobile application and headset system that provides the guided exercises, tracking tools, and realtime brainwave feedback to help you reach your goals and develop the habits needed to get results.


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Millions Are Practicing Meditation

Interest in meditation knows no borders. Pocket Clarity has been used in over 22 countries.

Stress-reduction and mindfulness don't just make us happier and healthier, they're a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.

Arianna Huffington

Some people might say these are Eastern-based religious practices but this goes way beyond that… This is not tied to any religious practice. This is about mental preparation to better handle stress.

Jeffery Bearor, Executive Deputy, United States Marine Corps

Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being out here on the field for practice... There are so many things telling you that you can't do something, but you take those thoughts captive, take power over them and change them.

Russel Okung, Seattle Seahawks

When you are mindful... you’re able to both observe and participate in each moment, while recognizing the implications of your actions for the longer term. And that prevents you from slipping into a life that pulls you away from your values.

Bill George, Harvard Business School and former chair and CEO of Medtronic

Meditation Benefits

Pocket Clarity provides mindfulness meditations to help you exercise your mind. Published academic research has found that mindfulness practice can:

Improve Response to Stress

Improve Pain Management

Improve Attitude and Mood

Reduce Impulsiveness

Reduce Negative Thinking

Improve Working Memory

Practice Made Easy

Use Pocket Clarity anytime, anywhere.

Visual meditation with brainwave tracking

Pre & Post session check ins on mood and more

Develop a digital mindfulness journal

Notifications to maintain your practice

A variety of guided meditations

Gain Greater Control

Use our complete system to get the full benefit

See your mind at work as you practice. Pocket Clarity iOS and Android apps pair with the Mindwave Mobile, a Bluetooth enabled brainwave sensing headset (EEG) so you can:

  • Sharpen control of your mental states

  • Identify meditations that work best for you

  • Stop guessing about what is going on the inside

  • Track your mental states of relaxation and focus


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We are committed to helping everyone develop a meditation practice. Pocket Clarity Members receive a lot more for their support:

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  • Advanced Brainwave Data Views
  • Online & Offline Mode
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  • Raw Data Export
  • Includes Mindwave Mobile Headset, Shipped Upon Order.

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  • 1-60 Minute Meditation Exercises
  • Advanced Brainwave Data Views*
  • Online & Offline Mode
  • Guest Mode Option For Friends
  • Raw Data Export
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