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Pocket Clarity Membership & Mindwave Mobile Bundle

$149.99 $124.99

Reduce stress, improve focus, and see your brain change with our complete mindfulness system. Clarity Pro includes:

– Guided audio meditations that help you relax, reduce stress, improve focus, develop compassion and empathy, and more

– Brainwave monitoring to help you learn to calm your mind

– Daily reminders to meditate

– Progress tracking with a journal and check-in questions to help you learn more about yourself

Purchase includes a one year subscription of Clarity Pro and a Mindwave Mobile brainwave sensing headset.

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Product Description

One purchase brings you the full Clarity System. Reduce stress, improve focus and find peace with a one year Pocket Clarity Membership, and maximize your results with a Mindwave Mobile for brainwave feedback. Get a annual membership at a monthly cost that is less than one session of a weekly meditation class! Benefits include:

  • Practice More, Learn More – Get more out of your practice with increased session time.
  • Peace of Mind – Keep your sessions private from other users of your device with PIN locking.
  • Guest Mode – Keep your journal uncluttered by designating sessions completed by friends trying out the app.
  • Gain More Insight – See more views of your meditation practice activity.
  • Offline Mode – Use Pocket Clarity without an internet connection – great for retreats & remote locations
  • Advanced Data Export – Get your raw EEG data for your own experimenting.

The MindWave Mobile safely measures and outputs the EEG power spectrums (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), NeuroSky eSense meters (attention and meditation) and eye blinks. The device consists of a headset, an ear-clip, and a sensor arm.  The headset’s reference and ground electrodes are on the ear clip and the EEG electrode is on the sensor arm, resting on the forehead above the eye (FP1 position). It uses a single AAA battery with 8 hours of battery life. MindWave Mobile:

  • Uses the TGAM1 module
  • Automatic wireless pairing
  • Single AAA Battery (Not included)
  • 8-hours battery run time
  • Bluetooth v2.1 Class 2 (10 meters range).
  • If your computer does not have bluetooth, you will need to purchase a bluetooth dongle.
  • Static Headset ID (headsets have a unique ID for pairing purposes)
  • iOS and Android support


  • Raw-Brainwaves
  • Processing and output of EEG power spectrums (Alpha, Beta, etc.)
  • Processing and output of NeuroSky proprietary eSense meter for Attention, Meditation, and other future meters
  • EEG/ECG signal quality analysis (can be used to detect poor contact and whether the device is off the head)


  • Weight: 90g
  • Sensor arm up: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 92mm
  • Sensor Arm down: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 165mm


  • BT Version: 2.1A
  • BT Output Power: Class 2
  • BT Minimum Voltage: 1.0V
  • BT Range: 10m range
  • BT Power Consumption:  80mA (when connected and transmitting)
  • Low Battery Indicator 1.1V
  • UART(Serial): VCC, GNC, TX, RX
  • UART Baudrate: 57,600 Baud

Details on how to activate Clarity Pro will be released upon launch. Year subscription will start at that date.